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Welcome to Tariff Eye

Tariff Eye, Business Intelligence Integrated Software for: forecasting, simulations, comparisons, analysis, margin optimization, communication and reporting of banking fees, and cost savings in the private banking environment - to meet present day needs

Designed for cost analysis of bank products.

Produced by Simple Data S.à.R.L. in partnership with BearBull Switzerland, Tariff Eye aims at banks interested by cost and tariffs control.

What is Tariff Eye ?

Tariff Eye introduce your service to fees and tariffs control. Its computing engine is specially designated for banking fees. Using a common way to describe banking services, it allows transparency through common offers.

How does it work ?

Tariff Eye allows to turn a bank tariff in a standard form. This yields to simulate fees induced by portfolio management, and to benchmark your offer with different ones.

Have a tour of the different features of our product Tariff Eye.

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